Wood Furniture Tips & Care


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Dust regularly with a clean, soft cloth moistened with a wax-free furniture polish. The polish will help prevent hairline scratches that can occur with “dry dusting.”

Avoid direct sunlight to keep finish from fading, peeling or lifting (on veneered pieces.)

Try to keep furniture in a “stable” environment. Extremes in humidity can cause solid wood to warp or crack and veneers to lift. Keep all wood pieces at least six inches from heating sources.

Don’t use any solvents on wood. Perfumes, hairsprays fingernail polish and remover will cause a chemical reaction with the finish and mar it.

If your furniture has wood on wood glides for the drawers use a bar of soap or paraffin to keep them running smooth. If your furniture uses some other kind of glide system (European, ball bearing, full extension, etc.) no maintenance is necessary.

If you get your wood furniture wet, dry it immediately with a soft, white cloth. Blot it gently, never rub.

If you get something greasy or sticky on something with a wood finish, clean it gently with a moistened, soft, white cloth. If it is really stuck a small amount of gentle soap (like dishwashing soap) could be applied to the cloth. Make sure to dry it thoroughly after you get it clean.

Never store table leaves standing. They will warp and won’t fit back in the table. Store leaves under beds or on closet shelves. An old sheet or blanket wrapped around them will protect the finish from being scratched while they are stored.

Don’t ever drag any piece of furniture. Dressers and chests could damage flooring or dragging them could damage the legs. Dining tables drug across floors will have loose or broken legs. Use two people to move furniture every time.

Grandfather clocks, curios, china cabinets and chests (especially in children’s rooms) should be anchored to the wall. By using a small bracket you will avoid tipping caused by ground movement (earthquakes,) accidental bumping or kids climbing on furniture like a ladder.

Don’t place plastic or rubber directly on wood surfaces. They could cause a chemical reaction and mar the finish. Always use felt pads on the bottom of items you might place on table tops or shelves.

Wood and Metal Furniture Warranties
Warranties on wood and metal furniture vary somewhat like their upholstered cousins so these are some general guidelines. Your furniture might have longer warranties on some parts like drawer glides or finishes. Solid wood products sometimes have a lifetime warranty against cracking. Wood furniture must be in a stable environment or it will do all kinds of crazy stuff. Avoid extremes in temperatures and humidity to keep your furniture looking new. Warranties on wood furniture apply to manufacturer defects so misuse, abuse or downright neglect won’t be honored. Just like warranties on upholstered furniture, labor charges are $30.00 per hour and transportation is not included. We might be able to pick it up if we’re in the area for free. If we make a special trip in town pick up charges is $30.00, out of town will be more depending on where you live. Metal parts on furniture like table bases or legs generally have a one year warranty. There is not much that can go wrong with a piece of metal furniture unless it’s drug across a floor and causes the legs to loosen. We try to keep parts in stock so if you have an issue with anything that you have bought from us, please speak up and give us the chance to make it right.